Library rules


Local authorities may adopt rules for a public library for the purpose of promoting the internal order, security and attractiveness of the library (Public Libraries Act 1492/2016 §14).

Welcome to library services!

The library premises are open for all and the library's collection can be used for free. The library staff will help with information retrieval and library services. You can leave wishes and feedback about library services and material to the staff of Vaara-kirjastot or through online feedback form on our webpage at

Library Card
Vaara-kirjastot have a shared library system and the same library card is valid in each of our branch libraries. A person will receive a library card by providing identification in the form of an ID card which has a photograph and a social security number. A Finnish post address is also needed. If a client doesn't have a Finnish social security number, the library card will only be valid a year at a time. The client must also commit to obeying the library rules.

Persons who are under 15 years old will need the consent of either of the parents or some other adult guarantor in order to receive the card. The library card of a child cannot be used for loaning or reserving material for adults.

A library card is personal and a client cannot borrow material without it. A client is responsible for the material that has been borrowed with the card, as well as renewing and returning the loans. The guarantor is responsible for loans of the client who is under 15 years old.

A client is responsible for keeping the contact details (name, address, telephone number and email address) updated in the register. A client must immediately inform the library of a missing card. The cardholder or the guarantor is responsible for the material that has been borrowed before informing the library of a missing library card. The library will invalidate the missing card temporarily or permanently.

Kindergarten, school, or other type of organisation is able to have a community card for a year at the time. For the card the organisation needs contact details and a permission by a person in charge of the organisation.

Loan periods, reserving and renewing
Loan period is, depending on the material 1 to 28 days. The loan period ends when the library closes on the due date or at midnight in the web library. Clients can return the material to any of the branch libraries of Vaara-kirjastot. Clients are entitled to have a receipt for their returned loans.

One client may simultaneously have 100 loans from Vaara-kirjastot. The limitations may vary from one library to another.

A client may reserve items from library collection. The fee of an uncollected reservation is 1 €. A client can have no more than 20 reservations at a time.

A client may renew the material 5 times if the material is not reserved by another client or if a client's fees don't exceed the limit. A client may renew material at any of the branch libraries, by phone and through the web library if one has a valid library card and a personal user code that you will receive from the library.

When lending audiovisual material the libraries obey age restrictions, that are based on Act On Audiovisual Programmes (Act On Audiovisual Programmes 710/2011 §6). This forbids children from borrowing films and games with an age limit higher than their age.

Charges and material compensations

The rates and fees concerning library services are decided by The Leisure and Cultural Services Committee of each municipality. These can also be found on our web pages. Special cases that may arise with regard to these user regulations shall be settled in the district court. Loans that have been returned after the due date will be charged a fine and possible costs of a reminder or distraint charges. The fines of overdue items will be charged also in cases when renewing through the web library has not been possible because of technical problems etc. The library is not responsible for unsuccessful reminders or overdue notices.

There are no overdue charges for children's material. However, reminders and distraint costs will be charged.

Lost or damaged material has to be replaced by similar items or by paying the compensation price. Videos, CD-ROMs, DVDs and Blu-ray-discs cannot be replaced by a similar item by the client because of the copyright charges that has to be paid for each item. Compensation prices are not refunded to the client.

The library is not responsible for damage that borrowed items may cause to the client's equipment.

Borrowing rights
The borrowing rights will be cancelled if you have:

  • Unpaid fees that have amounted to or exceeded the limit set for using library services
  • Loans that are expired and the library have sent an invoice
  • Lost or damaged library property

The borrowing right will be regained by:

  • Returning the expired material
  • Paying the fees and possible other costs
  • Replacing or compensating the damaged material

Losing access rights

Clients should behave correctly in library premises (Public Order Act 612/2003). The staff may ask the client to leave the library premises.

A client's disturbing or unseemly behaviour, including abusive or threatening behaviour to library staff or to other library clients may lead to a temporary cancellation of the right to use library services (Public Libraries Act 1492/2016 §15). One can also lose the access rights by damaging the library property. Cancelling the access rights is done by the director of libraries or a member of staff who is authorised by the director. The client will have an opportunity to be heard concerning the topic before the cancellation comes into effect. The cancellation of the access is the decision of a local executive and the customer can make a claim for a revised decision (Local Government Act 410/2015 §134). The length of the cancellation will be no more than 30 days.  

Interlibrary service
Material that is not available in Vaara-kirjastot can be ordered as an interlibrary loan from other libraries. Interlibrary service follows the national rules as well as the rules and costs of the library where the material is borrowed. The client must have a valid library card for Vaara-kirjastot.

Information policy
The library has a right to use a social security number in the customer register (Personal Data Act 523/1999, §13). The library register can only be used in loaning control. The data will not be handed to any other use. Clients have a right to check their personal data on the client register. The privacy policy can be found at


Joensuun hyvinvointilautakunnan sivistys- ja vapaa-aikajaosto Apr 19, 2017 §19


Please note:

  • Fees are added immediately in real time in the new library system.
  • If you have more than 10 € fees, you cannot renew loans or reserve items online.
  • More information: The Library Terms of Use