Library fees

from the 1st of January, 2016

Charges for overdue items

  • Overdue loans  0,25 € / day, max 5 € each loan
  • One-week-loans  0,50 € / day, max 5 € each loan
  • Reminder 3 €  / letter
  • Invoice 7 €

There are no overdue charges for children's material. All clients must pay the costs of reminders and distraint charges. Unpaid fees will remain in the register. The clients, who have 10 € or more in unpaid charges on the library register, will not be able to borrow more material, to renew loans or to reserve material. When the year changes all clients fees must be paid in order to continue using library services. In the beginning of each year clients should pay all charges in order to be able to use library services.

Library card and reservations

  • First library card and changes are free of charge.
  • A new library card 2 €
  • Reservation charge 0 €
  • Uncollected reservation 1 €

Interlibrary service

  • Interlibrary order 1 €
  • Interlibrary loans and photocopies are also charged according to the price list of the library sending the material.
  • Paper copies fewer than 10 pages are included in the fee.

Compensations for lost or damaged material and supplies

  • The client should bring a similar new item or pay the compensation price. DVDs, Blu-rays, videos and console games cannot be compensated by a new copy of the item because of the copyright charges that has to be paid for each item. In case of the compensation please contact the library staff.
  • Sold-out magazine 7 €
  • Language course cassette case, size A4 / A5  7 € / 3,50 €
  • CD/cassette/VHS/DVD/BD case  2 €

Photocopies and print-outs

  • Copy cards 2-18 €
  • Photocopy and print-out (b/w)/page  0,40 €
  • Photocopy and print-out (b/w)/page (by library staff) 0,50 €
  • Photocopy and print-out (color)/page (size A4 / A3) 1 € / 1,50 €

Other charges

  • Plastic bag  0,50 €
  • Canvas bag 3 €
  • Discarded material 0,20 € - 17 € 

For further information see:

The director of Culture and Library Services has the right to alter the charges on justifiable reasons. If needed, the decision by a public authority will be made. Library directors as well as service managers in the main library will negotiate the possible mitigations of overdue charges.

Prices include VAT (Value Added Tax).

The Leisure and cultural services committee Oct 20, 2015 §91